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Liquor Liability Insurance in Florida

General Liability Insurance Policies DO NOT COVER any Liquor Liability Exposure! Are you Properly Covered? Monoline or Package Quotes are Available

 Available Classes:

•             Bars, Taverns & Restaurants

•             Convenience Stores

•             Fine Dining Establishments

•             Retail Liquor/Package Stores

•             Adult Clubs

•             Host Liquor Liability

•             Catering Plans

•             Weddings

•             Miscellaneous Special Events

•             Club Select (Fraternal, Social Clubs & Veteran Service Organizations)

•             Hole in One - Golf Course Tournament Prize Indemnification


Product Advantages:

•             AM Best A++ Rated Carrier

•             No Deductible

•             Employees Included as Insureds at NO Additional Charge

•             Full limits of Assault or Battery included in price most times with Defense Outside of the Limits

•             New Ventures Acceptable

•             15% Credit when establishment closes by 12:00am (can reduce MP)

•             15% Credit when Servers are TIPS trained (can reduce MP)

•             Other Discretionary Credits Available

•             Minimum Premium starting at $450

•             Average Bind Ratios 30%


Liquor Liability for Retail Liquor Stores & Special 

Product information can change at anytime

Liquor Liability Florida
Liquor Liability Florida