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Florida Homeowners & Automobile Insurance in St. Petersburg, Florida

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For homeowners insurance, vehicle coverage, marine coverage and business coverage options, choose the trusted team at Wallace Insurance Agency in St. Petersburg, Florida. Learn more about what is available to you and contact us for quotes and additional information. We look forward to working with you.


Homeowners Insurance

We have a variety of markets of homeowners in Florida and we can include high value homes. The best rates possible are available to you; we provide over-the-phone and Internet quotes. The market includes many A-rated carriers.


Flood Insurance

Flood coverage is offered through the national flood program and provides excess flooding insurance through other markets

Auto and Motorcycle Insurance
At Wallace Insurance Agency, we insure all types of Florida drivers. Contact us to receive a quote today.Uber drivers, we have a company that will write your car insurance!?  Commercial Vehicle coverage


Umbrella Insurance 

We offer personal umbrellas that are excess coverage above your homeowners and auto insurance and can be added in excess of your uninsured motorist coverage. 


Boat Insurance

Protect your boat or yacht with competetive rates through A Rated cariiers now with Wallace Insurance. A fulline of insurance is available including Excess Insurance.


Business Insurance

Business Insurance and Medical Profession Insurance is available through many insurance carriers


Insurance of Florida

• Homeowners

• Auto Insurance

• Liability
• Commercial • Umbrella • Contractors
• Boat Insurance

• Yacht Insurance

• Flood Insurance

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